Hi there! How are you?

My name is John, I’m the founder of pickmypiano.com. Actually music forms the biggest part of my life. My musical journey began at the age of 6, when I started learning piano at the musical school. I didn’t like it very much, but nevertheless I graduated with red diploma, and now after almost 20 years I think that it was one of the best investments in my life, thanks to my parents!

I am 34 and I have more then 10 years of piano teaching experience, which helped me very much to develop as a professional. I got my first electronic keyboard in 2001, it was the simplest Yamaha PSR-280, which is still in my collection of more then 10 digital pianos.

Since many of my students ask me for advice about keyboards and many occasional conversations were on that topic, friends gave me the idea to start the website where I can tell everyone about my digital piano experience and write my own reviews to help people decide what instrument they should choose for their needs. I liked the idea and it grew to pickmypiano.com, which you are reading now.

I like new technologies, which modern electronic keyboards manufactures put into their devices, so I will try to honestly describe everything I find interesting and worth talking about. I will post some guides which will help novice piano players and also intermediate students to put the final point and to decide which piano is the best choice for them.

I don’t sell anything here and I’m not related in any way to any digital piano company. Sometimes I will post links to the products I describe so it would be easier for you to find them and choose the best price on the market. I would be glad if you find some useful information here.

Anyway, feel free to contact me in case of questions, or write your comments directly under my posts.

I’m not looking for new students here, this project is just some experiment for me and I hope you like it!

Thank you!