Best Piano Keyboard Dust Covers for Your Instrument

As I have been settling into my new studio, I started to look at the piano dust covers that have been protecting my cherished instruments from dust, sun, and whatnot. Seriously, I am truly glad that I stayed diligent about keeping my instruments in top shape. I do jump on to any opportunity that I get to write about stuff that might help others. Frankly speaking, writing is not so daunting for me because I know a lot about digital pianos at the back of my hands. So, for now, I am going to review best piano covers that have served my students or me really well.

But…Why Do You Need Piano Dust Covers?

Here are some of the main reasons for using dust covers for your instrument:

  • It protects the piano from dirt and dust.
  • It prevents moisture from forming on the parts.
  • It prevents rusting of the keys and internal parts.
  • It prevents pets from relaxing on top of the instrument.
  • It protects the piano from accidental damage.
  • It protects your investment on the piano.
  • It keeps the instrument in good shape.
  • It prolongs the life of the piano.

5 Best Piano Dust Covers

Now let me write about top 5 dust covers for piano which I know firsthand.

  1. Piano Keyboard Dust Cover by Clicks Depot

To protect your digital piano from dust, dirt, sun, pet hair, scratches, and other damaging elements, this piano keyboard cover can prove to be a fine bet. Made from lightweight, soft, and stretchable spandex material, this cover can fit most keyboards with 61-88 keys without being too tight or too loose, just choose the size you need when buying.
It truly does a wonderful job of dust protection. Also, keep in mind that the settled dust comes off easily. Seriously, nothing will really stick to the fabric.
The best part is that this piano cover stretches without losing its existing shape. Better yet, this item is usually delivered ahead of the scheduled delivery time.


  • The cover can be put on and off without any difficulty.
  • It washes well manually and in machine too, exactly as advertised by Clicks.
  • It can stand up to the rigors of having pets around.
  • A handy storage bag is also thrown in for free.
  • A three-year no-frills warranty is included as well.


  • It won’t offer protection from liquid spills.

The one I own is a regular (non-velvet) one (87% nylon 13% spandex). But 88-key cover is also available in “velvet” fabric. Though no actual velvet is involved, but the material composition is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

  1. QMG 4116 Stretchable Keyboard Dust Cover

The QMG 4116 Stretchable Keyboard Dust Cover is another fantastic dust cover that does a wonderful job of protecting a piano from destructive elements. The cover is sleek, silky, stretchable, sturdy, effective, attractive, and easy to clean, all at the same time. The weight of the fabric is light too.

stretchable keyboard dust cover

stretchable keyboard dust cover
QMG Stretchable keyboard dust cover

It also features a locking clasp to fill any gaps that can allow anything dusty to pass through. Moreover, this thing covers the entire piano without any difficulty.
Another nice aspect of this piano cover is that it can be machine-washed. Better yet, the cover will retain its shape and rich color even after numerous washes.
Note, that though the manufacture says that this dust cover is designed to fit 61-76 key keyboards, but I managed to use it on my 88-key Yamaha as well. And, the dust cover material stretches perfectly to fit like a glove.


  • Fits 61-88 key keyboards.
  • Appearance-wise, this piano cover looks good too.
  • Once you put the cover on, it stays in its place.
  • The cover fits perfectly without being too baggy.
  • This dust cover is proudly made in the USA.
  • Its rigid construction ensures good longevity.
  • A 22-page Piano Chords E-book is included for free.
  • Machine washable.


  • There’s only one color choice, which is black.
  1. Gator Cases Stretchy Keyboard Dust Cover

If you don’t want your piano to be covered in dirt and dust, the Gator Cases Stretchy Keyboard Dust Cover should be worth a consideration. You may know Gator Cases as a great piano keyboard cases manufacture. But it also produces very nice dust covers. This cover does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do; keep the dust off the instrument. Better still, the material stands up to quite a bit of abuse.

Gator Cases Stretchy Keyboard Dust Cover
The fabric used in the construction of this dust cover is quite thin. But then, it’s made of high thread count, which means that it’s highly sturdy.


  • It fits different keyboards: 61, 76 (GKC-1540 model) & 88 note (GKC-1648 model) keyboards.
  • The included tension cords ensure a snug fit.
  • This dust cover can be folded into a small size.
  • It won’t rip off even after several years of use.
  • Given the quality, it’s also easy to dust this cover.


  • The material used in this dust cover is not waterproof.
  • This keyboard dust cover is only hand washable.
  1. NKTM Black 88 Keys Protective Dust Cover

If you want your piano to look like new for long, feel free to add the NKTM Black 88 Keys Protective Dust Cover to your shopping cart without missing a beat.

NKTM Black 88 Keys Protective Dust Cover
This cover has a functional use, it’s easy to store, it’s inexpensive, and it fits most 88 note keyboard models, for example I used it on my Casio Privia keyboard and it was perfect. Note that it is not stretchable, so it won’t fit your keyboard if it has bigger size. Measure your keyboard first. NTKM dust cover dimensions are: width 11.42″ (29 cm), height 5.51″ (14 cm), length 52.76″ (134 cm).


  • The dust cover is easy to clean, store, and use.
  • The material stretches to cover the entire instrument.
  • The fabric of this dust cover doesn’t shed.
  • Available in black color, it has a smart appearance.


  • It lacks tightening lace around the bottom of the piano.
  • Doesn’t fit all keyboard models, measure your keyboard first.
  1. On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover

To prolong the life of your piano, this On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover should be a no-brainer choice because it does a fantastic job of protecting the instrument from dust. It not only protects the piano from dust and debris, but it also prevents moisture from spoiling your beloved instrument. It fits like a dream too.

On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards

On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards bag On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards
Made from spandex, this 88-key dust cover doesn’t shed, which is wonderful. Moreover, it holds its elasticity for long. Better still, it’s easy to remove for a quick wash.

You have several colors to choose from: this On-Stage dust cover is available in Black, White and Grey. Choose the white one if your keyboard is white.


  • The cover material is smooth, stretchy, and durable.
  • You will be able to put this thing on and off in seconds.
  • The On-Stage Keyboard Dust Cover comes in its own bag.
  • The price of this dust cover is too good to pass.
  • This cover is available in 3 colors: grey, black and white.


  • Not waterproof.

How to Choose Piano Dust Cover – Buying Guide

Ok, I’ve listed some of dust covers above, but there are also many products which I never tried, and they are worth seeing. How to choose among them? I’ve written a small guide about what to look for when choosing piano a cover for your digital or acoustic piano. Hope it will help you to invest your money profitably.
Here are some things to look for:

    • Material

Over the years, I have come across many piano covers made out of cheap table cloth. Seriously, what were the companies thinking? Do they even care about repeat sales? Ideally, the material must be multi-layered, stretchable, soft, and permeable to air to not retain any air dampness. Better still, all the corners should be reinforced. It must also be lightweight, allowing you to easily remove and place it back on the instrument. Basically, the shortlisted piano cover must easily protect the piano without harming the natural wood of the instrument.

    • Size

The piano dust covers come in different sizes. For instance, some models are meant to cover larger types of pianos, which are 88 keys and beyond. On the other hand, some models are meant for smaller pianos. So, check if the shortlisted piano cover is compatible with your instrument or not. Of course, you can always opt for a universal size piano cover. The downside to choosing a universal size cover is that it can prove to be quite baggy for smaller pianos.

    • Warranty

I am a fan of brands that aren’t scared of going bust if they were to offer a product warranty. My point here is that; you should always choose a piano cover that’s backed by a solid warranty. After all, no piano cover is guaranteed to last forever. So, when you are in the process of buying a piano cover, first look up for warranty information in the product description.

More Shopping Tips

  • Choose a piano cover that can be dropped in the washing machine for effortless cleaning.
  • Consider getting a piano cover with straps, which will act as a good barrier against piano tampering.
  • It’s a good idea to stretch the tentative budget by a small margin for a good quality piano cover.
  • See if there are color choices on your favorite piano cover so that you can get something that suits your needs.
  • Avoid piano covers made from extremely thin materials. Speaking from personal experience, they don’t last long.
  • Of course, don’t choose extremely thick piano covers. They will hold heat, causing the piano to go out of tune.
  • See if a storage bag is included to help you store the piano dust cover, when it’s not in use.


Believe it or not, I treat my readers as a part of my family. In fact, a lot of my readers are people whom I personally know: my students, their parents, or even my close friends. So, when I expose a product, I ensure that it’s totally worth every nickel spent on it. I am sure if your next purchase is a piano dust cover recommended by me, you will revisit this post to thank me for the recommendation.
Thank you for reading!

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