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Best Williams Digital Pianos have been created for musicians and pianists who want the design, feel and sound of a nice acoustic piano, joint with the outstanding range of effects and other features that only an electric piano can possess. Williams digital pianos are fine and dependable digital instruments with characteristics that are engaging to players of any musical skill— from beginners to experts.

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Being apparently the most cheap 88-key digital piano on the market, you cannot reckon the Legato to be an ideal instrument. In order to make costs low, the company has used a poor body made of poor-quality plastic with cheap buttons, knobs and a construction very far from the beauty obtained by its rivals.

In spite of that, the Legato is still very compact and light, so if you don’t concern about the esthetics, you won’t even note how poor the ultimate design is. Read my Williams Legato review here.


Williams Allegro 88-key electric piano looks really nice. This is a quality that just can’t be denied, as the fine black finish running across the entire of the housing gives it great look and feel. The discernible logo gives it elegant look and its design overall is considerable. Allegro stands out to most buyers most particularly because of its low cost.


The interface of the instrument is sleek and simple to understand, with a minimal set of buttons such as not to bewilder or overwhelm the pianist. Also, one of the best features of this model is the remarkable assembly instructions. The Rhapsody supplements two sounds to the past 10 voices that come with most vertical pianos and these are very well put along and sound excellent. The piano has a medium price and a great set of functions.


The Williams Overture is a complete, 88-key electric piano, and portrays itself as having hammer action weighted keys. The design of the machine is implied to resemble that of a vertical piano. The Williams Overture is an expedient buy, and it gives a lot of value for its price of $500.


Williams recreates affordable elegance with the best-in-group Symphony Grand digital piano. The micro-grand style, 88-key, graded hammer-action piano offers realistic sound and experience, complemented by an expensive ebony gloss finishing. This electric piano is expensive, but it definitely offers a great value for its cost.