Yamaha DGX-660 Review

Being a piano fan as well as teacher, I have immense love for jazz music. Like every other piano lover, I was also looking for a versatile piano bundle that has all the essentials. Lately, I have bought the most popular Yamaha DGX-660. It is an 88-key portable grand digital piano along with a bundle that comes with sustain pedal, instructional book as well as DVD, dust cover and a polishing cloth too. So, this is a complete package that I was looking for. But my main focus was on the piano, undoubtedly. I have used this for a long time and my experience is amazing.


Yamaha DGX-660

Yamaha DGX-660 back panel


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My Experience With DGX-660.

This is a grand piano which can be used by any world class professionals for any grand concerts. I am really impressed by its sound quality with Pure CF Sampling. The display is quite clear where you can read the scores and lyrics without any trouble. I always wanted an authentic piano and this is by far the most versatile one I have ever come across. The best part is the USB audio recording and playback feature that helps me a lot to record the music I create. Here is more details about my experience with this:

Sound Quality: I am completely smitten by the sound quality of Yamaha DGX-660. The high quality speakers that come inbuilt provides great clarity sound. This digital piano also offer superior control and responsiveness over sound too.

Yamaha DGX-660 white

Keys: With total 88 Graded Hammer Standard keys, this piano uses a system that to me feels quite similar to that of the feel of acoustic piano. Keys that match with the higher notes felt lighter to press than the keys for the lower notes.

Wireless Connection: I loved the feature where you can download many apps by Yamaha in your mobile device and connect the same with the wireless feature of this digital piano. I was amazed how this enhanced my experience to play piano.

Yamaha DGX-660

Based on my experiences with this piano, here are some pros and cons of it that will help you to know about this piano in details.


  • Different modes to choose from
  • GHS keyboard
  • Clear and useful LED screen
  • Great microphone input
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Graded hammer standard keys
  • Loaded with excellent features


  • A bit heavy
  • Overall volume is a slightly softer

Demo Video:


Yamaha DGX-660 reviews on Amazon
Yamaha DGX-660 reviews – click to see on Amazon.

Final Verdict

This Yamaha DGX-660 piano is one of the best pianos I have come across. This is almost ideal for the professionals. So, if you are a beginner then it can be a bit too much for you. But later when you will become an expert, it will be the best option.

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  1. Very nice piano sound (sounds like Clavinova, but for half the price) both in the phones and through its speakers. The keyboard is nice, though glossy, but not slippery. A huge library of instruments and sounds. I did not have time to sort out all its features, there are a lot of them.

  2. The piano is great. However there is no “native” matching case for it, I had to order one specially for that size

  3. My student has this piano, and when we plug in the sustain pedal it warps the sound… Especially when pressing the pedal. Anyone able to tell me what to do? I’ve googled it many times and I can’t find anything that’ll fix the problem.

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