Best Bags and Cases for Your Piano Keyboard

Remember that I have been in the music industry for nearly fifteen long years. Given the number of instruments I own, I have at least half a dozen electronic keyboard cases in my possession. Plus, I have many friends who share the same interest as me. So this time I wanted to talk about best keyboard bags and cases and help you choose one for your digital piano without making the usual mistakes.
Therefore, hold on to your muscle fiber, adrenal, or whatnot that’s forcing you to make a hasty choice because a hasty decision might cause you giant-size grief in today’s age and time of questionable product quality.

Top 10 Soft Keyboard Bags

I am going to talk about both soft and hard piano cases. Let me begin with soft cases as they are widely sought after. Significantly lighter than hard cases, soft piano cases are easier to carry. They usually feature tough exterior fabric to safeguard your digital piano from dust, dirt, scratches, small dings, and sunlight. That said, you can’t count on the soft piano cases to provide protection from drops, crushes, and bumps. But then, they are a lot cheaper than hard cases. And in case you didn’t know, they are available in wide varieties, styles, and budgets, which means that you will have no issues finding a case that will serve all your needs beautifully.

 Variations (number of keys)Internal DimensionsMaterialBag Weight (lbs)Additional InfoCheck Price
Gator Lightweight Keyboard Case with Pull Handle and Wheels
49 key: 38"x15"x5.5"
61 key: 43"x17.5"x6.5"
76 key: 51.5"x18"x6.25"
88 key: 57.5"x18"x6"
88 extra long: 59"x18"x6"
Rugged Nylon Construction. Soft Foam Lined Interior with Fully Adjustable Padded Strapsdepends on modelWheels!
Combines soft case portability and hard case easy carrying.
Tosnail 61-note Keyboard Gig Bag Piano Case Padded with 6mm Cotton
6161 key: 39"x16"x6"Waterproof oxford cloth; Inside 6mm thick cotton cloth can protect the keyboard from damage1.552 pockets, 2-pull zipper
Yamaha Artiste Series Keyboard Bag
61 key: 43.75"x20.25"
76 key: 52.75"x21.25"
88 key: 61"x21.25"
Durable nylondepends on model14-inch shoulder strap
NKTM 88 Key Electric Piano Keyboard Gig Bag
8888 key: 52"x12"x6"Adopt 420D oxford cloth2.652 carrying handles and 2 adjustable backpack straps, one extra pocket
Casio PRIVIACASE Protective Carrying Case
8888 key: 52"x10.9"x5.25"Polyester (600 x 300D/PVC) 3.261 handle, 2 shoulder straps, Perfectly fits Casio Privia pianos
Gator Cases Padded Keyboard Gig Bag
61 key: 41.75"x18.25"x5"
76 key: 51.5”x18”x6.25”
88 key: 57.5"x18"x6.75"
20 mm padding with a rugged 600-Denier ballistic Nylondepends on modelAdjustable padded secure straps, large #10 Zippers, large accessory pocket
Yamaha Soft Case for 88-Key P-Series Digital Pianos
8888 key: 54"x13"x9"3.5Compatible with P35, P45, P71, P105, P115 and P125 Yamaha digital pianos
On-Stage KBA4000-series Keyboard Bag
49 key: 35.5"x12.75"x5"
61 key: 39"x12.2"x4"
88 key: 58.5"x15"x5.1"
weather resistant nylon exterior, Thick 3/4" Foam Padded interior depends on modelBackpack style straps and carrying handles, outer pocket
QMG Electric Piano Portable Padded Gig Bag/Case for 61 Key Keyboard with Extra Large Pockets
6161 key: 40"x16"x5"light weight strong Nylon1.32 pockets
Ammoon 73-Key 76-Key Keyboard Electric Piano Organ Gig Bag
7676 key: 46.4"x16.5"x4.7"Durable 600D Cloth, PE foam padded2.834 pockets, Soft inner cloth, strong adjustable straps and dual zippers

Let me talk a little about each of these models.

  1. Gator Lightweight Keyboard Case with Pull Handle and Wheels

Actually this one is my favourite. The most important thing about this soft keyboard case is that it is lightweight and has pull handle and wheels, which normally only hard cases can boast of. I think that is why this case has been so popular for more than 20 years already. I use it for my Yamaha P-255 which fits the 88-key case model perfectly.

By the way Gator produces models of this case for any keyboard size – from 49 to 88 keys, and even Extra-Long 88 key version. But I don’t recommend using it with very heavy keyboards, because some users say that it can rip out, and this is not a warranty case.
Gator lightweight keyboard case with wheels is a compromise between usual soft bag and hard case. Wheels work great; just try how comfortable it is to roll such case and you won’t buy a case without wheels next time.

  • Lightweight for case with wheels (from 7.5 to 9.5 kg (17-22 lbs) depending on model)
  • Has wheels and pull handle
  • Lots of sizes
  • Large front pocket
  • Enough space inside for keyboard itself and for other stuff


  • This is not a hard case, so don’t buy it to travel by air
  • Not recommended for very heavy keyboards


  1. Tosnail 61-note Keyboard Gig Bag

If you are after a good general-purpose storage bag to use in between piano sessions, the Tosnail 61-note Keyboard Gig Bag should fit the bill for you.

It’s a good enough keyboard bag for home storage and occasional transports for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a digital piano case.

The fact that it keeps things as light as possible, it can be easily carried around. This thing will even fit in the overhead bin of an airplane compartment.


  • You can carry it like a bag or a backpack.
  • It features two big pockets to store accessories.
  • The Tosnail bag can be folded, when not in use.
  • This digital piano bag comes at a very affordable price.
  • It will pay for itself by protecting your instrument.


  • Not very durable like other gig bags out there.
  • It’s not heavily padded to prevent serious mishaps.
  1. Yamaha Artiste Series Keyboard Bag

To protect and store your piano without dropping a lot of money, the Yamaha Artiste Serious Keyboard Bag should be a no-brainer choice. It’s sold in three different variations, making it suitable for 61, 76, and 88 note keyboards.

This bag is a great fit for the designed instruments without proving to be a tight squeeze. Furthermore, it has extra pockets on the front side to hold power cords, extra batteries, etc. This keyboard bag is also attractive to look at.


  • It’s sturdy, lightweight, and easy to carry around.
  • The strength of the material is quite good for the price.
  • It’s also easy to put in and take out the instrument.


You can’t count on it for safety against carelessness.

  1. NKTM 88 Key Electric Piano Keyboard Gig Bag

Made for larger keyboards, the NKTM 88 Key Piano Gig Bag has a respectable quality to it. It’s both lightweight and durable, and almost perfect for its intended purpose.

This thing also comes with a shoulder strap. So, you can either use the shoulder strap or the carrying handle during transportation.

Furthermore, it has additional zippered pockets on the front to house some of the small accessories that you may want to carry or store.

Above all, it’s not hard to put in and put out the piano from the bag. It opens up wide enough, allowing you to conveniently slide the instrument inside the bag.



  • It’s good enough to be taken out and travelled with.
  • It will protect the piano just fine, which is very good.
  • It can hold the weight of heavy pianos as well.
  • Most of the customers have reported quick item delivery.
  • For the low price, it’s worth trying this product.


It may not fit all the 88-key keyboards out there.

  1. Casio PRIVIACASE Protective Carrying Case

Made by Casio specifically for Privia digital pianos, this case will fit the designated instrument like a custom-made glove. Better still, this carrying case will accommodate most other pianos as well (88-key line). The construction of this digital piano case is of the highest standard for a product of this nature. Personally, I have recommended this case to interested prospects without any reservations. I got thanked later on.


  • The padding is adequate for instrument protection.
  • It can be effortlessly folded when not in use.
  • The side pockets come with generous storage space.


It’s a bit tricky to get the piano into the bag.

  1. Gator Cases Padded Keyboard Gig Bag

Gator is one of that brands that produce very decent musical accessories. This is a mid-sized bag that’s sold in many different variations to fit most keyboards out there. It’s lightweight and sturdy, without being overly big. At the same time, it can properly house your instrument.

The bag provides a snug fit, which means that the stored instrument won’t slide around. Additionally, it’s rugged enough to keep up to real-world abuse like nobody’s business.

Keep in mind that the inside of the handle has PVC pipe material to easily support heavy weights. Furthermore, this bag features zippers that are ten times stronger than what you often see in equivalent products.    


  • It has better built-quality for better protection.
  • The keyboard bag has useful pockets to store accessories.
  • It’s not poorly sized like others in the same genre.
  • The bag is good enough to demand a good resale value.
  • Even with heavy touring, this gig bag will last long.
  • It’s almost as robust as a hard keyboard gig bag.


  • Unfortunately, this keyboard bag lacks shoulder straps.
  • Also, this thing doesn’t have wheels to it.
  1. Yamaha Soft Case for 88-Key P-Series Digital Pianos

This Yamaha soft case is designed for 88-keys digital piano. It’s compatible with P125, P115, P105, P71, P45, and P35 Yamaha digital pianos.

Despite being well-made for massive pianos, it doesn’t weigh a lot. In other words, this soft case is totally travel-friendly, as marketed by Yamaha.


  • Look-wise, this soft case is pretty to look at.
  • The zippers and pockets are really well-made.
  • It has all the features for your go-to needs.
  • It’s capable of supporting the weight of massive pianos.


The handle part could have been sturdier.

  1. On-Stage KBA4088 88-Key Keyboard Bag

If you’ve read my electronic keyboard stands review article, you’ve probably noticed that On-Stage brand has some very decent stands. But keyboard stands is not the only thing they produce, they also have very nice keyboard bags line. To conveniently transport your digital piano, the On-Stage KBA4088 Bag is definitely worth taking a shot. This bag is really well-constructed with nice padding on the sides to prevent damage when you move the keyboard around.

The nice part is that this keyboard bag is available in three different size variations: 49-key, 61-key, and 88-key. No matter what size you choose, it fits nicely from end to end because it’s designed with proper dimensions.

For easy transportation, this thing also features sturdy wheels and carrying handles. Plus, it has ultra-spacious pockets to hold a host of small items that you may need during transportation.


  • It features a superior weather-resistant nylon exterior.
  • The included backpack straps are a nice bonus feature.
  • Given the sturdiness, the handles won’t rip off.
  • It’s lightweight and not overly bulky like others.
  • It features quality zippers and outside pockets.


It won’t offer as much protection as a hard case.

  1. QMG Electric Piano Portable Padded Gig Bag

Designed specifically for 61-key keyboards, this is a pretty inexpensive soft bag that’s made from light but strong nylon material.

Better still, it’s adequately padded with cotton materials to keep your piano protected during storage or transportation.

As a bonus, this thing also features larger than usual pockets to store essential items, offering you a great bang for your keyboard bag bucks.

Not to mention that this digital piano bag has received enough positive reviews across many different platforms, this should tell you that you can’t go wrong with it.


  • This bag does exactly what’s expected out of it.
  • It’s remarkably easy to get the instrument in and out.
  • It’s not ridiculously overpriced like other gig bags.
  • Given its lightweight, it’s easy to carry.
  • Plenty of room to store accessories
  • Light nylon material


The zipper might split after a few years of use. No shoulder strap.

  1. Ammoon 73-Key 76-Key Keyboard Electric Piano Organ Gig Bag

As the title hints, this keyboard bag is meant for 73-keys and 76-keys keyboard. It features soft inner material to protect your piano from bumps during transportation.The best part is that it offers a perfect fit. It’s also good enough for rigorous use. This product truly falls in the category of better-built keyboard bags.


  • It features good quality protective material.
  • The carrying straps are pretty strong and adjustable.
  • The bag has four extra pockets for accessory storage.


This keyboard bag is a bit on the heavier side.

Top 3 Hard Piano Cases

The hard cases provide the most security to your instrument. They come with more padding than your average piano case to protect the instrument from the outside world. They usually feature form-fitting molded shapes from the inside, allowing the instrument to fit in like a glove, which provides essential shock absorption from bangs and drops. Keep in mind that hard cases also provide protection from environmental conditions such as extreme temperature changes and low humidity, which can harm the natural wood of the piano. The downside to all of this is that hard piano cases are a bit heavier to carry. Depending on the place you shop from, they also carry a higher price tag than your soft piano cases.

 Variations (number of keys)DimensionsCase weight (lbs)Additional InfoCheck Price
Gator Cases Molded Flight Case
49 key:
76 key:
88 key:
49 key: 13.15
61 key: 22
76 key: 28
88 key: 32
Polyethylene construction with two TSA approved locking latches, Unique Wedge and Block Design for Interior Customization
Crossrock Keyboard Case Hard Molded with Wheels
61 key:
88 key:
63. 4"x21. 6"x7. 87"
61 key: 11
88 key: 24.2
Heavy duty foam interior (for customized fit), butterfly metal latches, smooth wheels
SKB ATA Hard Keyboard Case with Wheels, TSA Locking, Trigger Latch
88 (large/slim)
61 key:
76 key:
88 key: depends on modification
61 key: 17.4
76 key: 24
88 key: 31
Meet ATA Cat 1 specs as airline shipping containers, easy relocking, exterior bumpers
  1. Gator Cases Molded Flight Case

This is an extremely beautiful digital piano case that does a splendid job of protecting your instrument, exactly as marketed by Gator.

It’s not too bulky to carry around and there many modifications of this case to fit almost any keyboard from 49 to 88 keys. Basically, this thing can fit most keyboards that weigh less than 130 lbs.

The inner pads ensure a snug fit, ensuring that your instrument stays in place during transportation. Also, the wheels and handles are right on the money. This case is ideal for air travel.

The customer support team of Gator is fantastic as well. They get on the move very quickly. Seriously, they will surpass your expectations.


  • The case is certainly sturdy, durable, and built to last.
  • It has extra room for all the essential accessories.
  • You can trust this case to ship your expensive piano.
  • This Gator flight case comes with two keys.


Gator molded flight case is pretty heavy, but very sturdy. I recommend it for long-distance traveling musicians.

  1. Crossrock Keyboard Case Hard Molded with Wheels in Back

This is a fantastic keyboard case for any musician who frequently travels for gigs. Seriously, this thing is good enough to protect your instrument and sturdy enough to survive the usual abuse that baggage handlers generally inflict.

The Velcro straps work phenomenally in holding the piano in place. Better still, the butterfly latch eliminates the risk of the case opening accidentally, while being transported. Frankly speaking, you won’t have trust issues with this case.

It is available in 61 and 88-key versions, and 61-key also has “flight” modification which includes Yamaha montage, reinforced molded latches and handle.


  • At 11 lbs (61-key version), this keyboard case is totally travel-friendly. The 88-key version is 24.2 lbs, which is also not very heavy.
  • It’s light, beautiful, and almost unbreakable. Available in black, silver and blue color (though quite rare to find).
  • This Crossrock case features heavy-duty wheels as well.
  • If it’s not abused, it can last really long.
  • The 61 key model fits both 49 and 61 keys keyboard, and 88 key model works good for 76 and 88 keys.


Some customers report that they got damaged item. So check everything when you receive it. If it’s ok, then you will certainly like it.

  1. SKB ATA Hard Keyboard Case

SKB Cases is a well-known company producing keyboard cases and soft bags and wide variety of other transport cases. The SKB ATA Case is available in many different variations, the chosen model will hold 61, 76, and 88 note keyboards very well.

This bag has the necessary padding to hold the instrument in place. But please check if it fits your instrument. I tried to put my P-125 into it, and all the keys were pushed by the internal foam when I closed the case.

SKB ATA keyboard hard case

If your piano is not very big it offers extra room to hold your headphones, pedal, adapter, and other small essential items. It has wheels too, making it much easier than usual to carry. And another good thing is that the case meets ATA Cat 1 specs as airline shipping container.


  • It’s rugged enough to protect your piano during flights.
  • Both the handles and the locks are very well-made.
  • The latches lock with a very solid click sound.


This keyboard case is a bit on the heavier side and the 88 key modification is really large, it won’t fit the backseat of a usual sedan.

Piano Case: Buying Guide

As unfortunate as it sounds, most piano cases out there will fail to offer ultimate piano protection because the majority of them won’t be able to stand up to rigorous use. So, you will have to be a little smarter than a regular naïve customer out there. Don’t worry; the pointers given below will ease most of your shopping woes.

Keyboard piano bags and cases

Hard Case Vs. Soft Bag

If you like to travel light, you would be better off with a soft piano case because soft case models are lighter in weight compared to hard piano cases. Soft piano cases are also perfect for budget-friendly shoppers. On the other hand, hard piano cases are for those guys who are not willing to compromise on the instrument’s safety at any cost. Although a bit expensive and heavier, they hold the piano securely like nobody’s business, preventing dents, cracks, scratches, or any other potential damage. If you own an expensive piano as I do, I highly recommended that you consider a hard case. Hard case is also your choice if you travel by air.

Brand Matters

Whether you choose a hard or a soft piano case, the quality of the case matters. After all, low-quality cases will feature low-end components. Consequently, they won’t do a good job of protecting your investment on the piano. Ideally speaking, the shortlisted piano case must be well-padded to resist any kind of impact. So, go for a bag that has strong fabrics and tough straps to keep your piano safe at all times. Speaking from personal experience, well-known brands make piano cases with good product specs. Therefore, it helps to select a case from well-known brands in lieu of generic brands. Besides the giants like Yamaha and Casio which create cases for their pianos, there are also some good brands such as On-Stage or Gator. Sometimes these brands create even better universal cases that should be definitely considered.


Of course, a musical instrument of the size of a piano won’t fit into any bag out there. Even if you find a regular bag or a case to hold the instrument, it won’t offer adequate protection during storage or transportation. Therefore, it helps choose the right-sized case to keep your digital piano safe from top to bottom. Depending on your keyboard, you will get options to go for, such as 61, 76, or 88 key piano cases. Make sure to read the description of the piano case to be sure that the shortlisted product will prove to be a perfect fit for your instrument. You can consider models that fit all sizes of pianos, but always look at the specs, which usually show the internal size of the instrument that this bag can carry.

Easy to Carry

I am a fan of piano cases that are easy to carry. The ones that are easy to carry make it a breeze to transport the instrument to gigs or band practice. Therefore, my vote of confidence goes for lightweight cases that feature sturdy shoulder-belts. I also like the models that provide you the option of carrying it at the back or vertically. The good news is that some piano cases also come with zippered pockets that allow you to store keyboard accessories such as pedals, cables, music notes, adapters, etc. I have such models in my collection too. They help me carry all the relevant things together, whenever I step out of the studio. Some hard cases being not so lightweight as soft ones are also easy to carry because of wheels and other life-saving appliances. You will have to go with hard keyboard case if you plan to travel by plane.


I have made a humble attempt to round up the best case or bag for your digital piano so that you don’t have to go through hundreds of products and still remain clueless on which piano case to choose. Trust me; it happens all the time because it’s hard to nail things when you try to do it alone with no prior experience. So, feel free to use my fifteen years of experience to your benefit. Believe it or not, pretty much all the above recommended digital piano cases are a cut above the scope, especially in their respective price range.

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