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Alesis digital pianos cater for the pianists who love to play on the go. They have several 88-key digital pianos that are light in weight and come fitted with many features. There are Alesis pianos perfect for the beginner as well as those that professional pianists will love to get their hands on. Let us look at the best Alesis electric pianos and why they deserve to be bought.

Price range in USD: $ - 0...200, $$ - 200...500
PhotoModelKeysKeyboardPolyphonySpeakersWeight (lbs)PriceRatingAdditional details
Alesis CodaAlesis Coda88Semi-weighted64Built-in24$$4.1See review
Alesis Coda ProAlesis Coda Pro88Weighted (Hammer-Action)64Built-in27$$4.2Same as Alesis Coda, the only difference is fully weighted hammer-action keyboard.
Alesis RecitalAlesis Recital88Semi-weighted128Built-in (20Wx2)15.7$4.0Not ideal, but the cheapest 88-key keyboard.
See review
Alesis Recital Pro88Weighted128Built-in26$$4.1Better than Recital, but more expensive. Read review here.

Recital Beginner Digital piano

If you would like to get your child a piano for their lessons then this is the one to get. It is affordable and has the features needed to make learning fun. It is full sized with all 88 keys of the piano and comes with semi-weighted keys. Though I prefer weighted keys, a beginner can learn how to control the pitch with these before advancing to a piano that has weighted keys. This piano has a maximum of 128 polyphony. It comes with acoustic piano, synth, bass, electric piano and organ voices built-in so users can create the music they want. The layer mode allows more than one voice to be combined for richer tones. One feature that I love about the Alesis Recital is the lesson mode which makes it very easy to teach. With the mode on, the keys are divided into two zones with the same voice and pitch. This allows me to play at the same time as my students so they learn as they practice. One of the fastest learners I ever taught had this piano.

Recital Pro Digital piano

This is the successor of Recital. The main difference is that Recital Pro has weighted keys, more sounds, and has the ability to record your playing.


This is a more professional option that comes with semi-weighted keys. It comes with 20 built-in voices and 60 preset songs. The piano has a user record mode that allows users to record as they play whereas the aux input allows playing with external equipment. The USB MIDI port allows connection to computers whereas the built-in speakers allow you to hear yourself as you play.

Coda pro

This is for the pros who have been playing the piano for a while. It is perfect because it is affordable but still has all the features I would personally look for in a piano. It comes with hammer action keys for high quality sound and many other features. This digital piano comes with a music stand that is easy to connect and functions perfectly. It is a piano that I would recommend to anyone. Read my Alesis Coda and Coda Pro review here.