Best Digital Piano under $300 (2020)

The niche of inexpensive musical instruments has always been quite popular. There are some beginner keyboards under 300 dollars and you will certainly choose something inexpensive if for example you want to try yourself in music, but do not want to immediately spend a fortune on an expensive electronic piano. Or your child just makes his first steps in music and you need to buy him something simple to start with. On this page I tried to collect the most popular models of electronic keyboards for 150-300 dollars to help you with choosing the best digital pianos from inexpensive ones. Of course, for an amount less than $300 you will not be able to find a new truly professional digital piano. But if you have some money, then you can easily buy an entry-level electronic keyboard that is suitable for learning and practice.

 ModelKeyboardPolyphonyNumber of soundsRatingPrices
1Alesis Recital
2Yamaha PSR-EW300
Touch Sensitive
3Casio CTK2550
4The ONE Light Keyboard

I will talk a little about each keyboard.

Alesis Recital

Alesis Recital

Recital is number one in my rating of electronic keyboards under 300 USD. This is a good affordable beginner digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys with adjustable sensitivity. It has many features to help you learn how to play the piano. Also has a 3-month Skoove Permium subscription code included as a free addition if you buy it on Amazon.


  • Most affordable 88-key electronic keyboard
  • Power supply included, can be running on 6 D cell batteries (optional)
  • Weights only 15.7 lbs
  • All the required connections: sustain pedal input (1/4″), headphone output (1/4″), usb-midi, RCA stereo out
  • 128 polyphony – Maximum polyphony among cheap electronic keyboards
  • Split/Layer/Lesson Mode
  • 60 preset songs, 2 demos
  • Piano sound is very realistic, except for the top octave


  • Only 5 voices (Acoustic and Electric piano, Organ, Synth and Bass)
  • Keys are semi-weighted, but that is maximum you can get for such low a price
  • Sustain pedal should be purchased separately

Overall Alesis Recital is a good piano for beginner at a very reasonable price. See my full review here or read about the updated and more expensive version – Alesis Recital Pro.

Yamaha PSR-EW300

Yamaha PSR-EW300

Yamaha PSR-EW300 is an affordable beginner PSR-series keyboard. It has 76 piano-style touch sensitive keys (that means the volume of the key you press depends on how strong you push it) which are rather comfortable to play. Very nice feature is auto-accompaniment: using 165 built-in styles you can feel yourself as if you are playing with the band by just play the chords in the left hand. For beginners PSR-EW300 has “Key to success” on-board lessons (it replaced the old Y.E.S. – Yamaha Education Suite) – set of built-in learning tools helping you to teach yourself.


  • Weight: 13 lbs (6.2 kg) (this is not too much, but Casio CTK2550 weighs less)
  • 76 touch responsive keys
  • LCD display
  • ~500 voices (116 + 361 XGlite + 12 Drum/SFX Kits)
  • Split/Layer modes, Metronome
  • 154 preset songs, 165 preset styles
  • 5 songs to record (2 tracks)
  • On-board lessons
  • Can run on batteries (6xAA batteries)
  • Connections: Headphones, Sustain input, USB to host, Aux In


  • No pedal included, but you can buy one separately
  • The keys are not weighted

Overall PSR-EW300 is very good 76-key keyboard from well-known brand with a lot of features, but costs a little more then the competitors. It is light-weight and space saving. If you want to spend less money there is a bundle on Amazon (check here) which includes power adapter and keyboard stand at profitable price.

I’ve reviewed more Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos here.

Casio CTK2550

This keyboard has 61 light-weighted keys, so it can’t be called “digital piano”, but it deservedly can be called a nice Casio beginner electronic keyboard. It has all you need to start learning piano and have fun: about 400 various voices, 100 rhythms, step-up learning system and much more. Don’t forget to buy X-style keyboard stand and a pair of headphones.


  • 400 voices, 100 rhythms
  • 48 notes polyphony
  • Included power supply, can run on batteries (optional 6 AA-size)
  • Step-up Learning System
  • Weight is only 7.3 lbs (without batteries)
  • LCD display
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs


  • Only 61 keys (light-weight)
  • Keys are not touch sensitive

To summarize, Casio CTK-2550 is a good electronic keyboard at a very cheap price. The only flaw is that it has 61 keys and they are light-weighted. But if you are a beginner you will like CTK2550 – there are a lot of built in voices and much more features even then in some other more expensive keyboards. Casio has a lot of other interesting keyboards and pianos, I’ve reviewed them here.

The One Light Keyboard

One Light Keyboard

This keyboard is a new model from The ONE Music group. The word ‘Light’ in the name is not only about it’s weight (only 11 lbs), but also about the lights that can show you which key to play. It’s fun and easy both for kids and for adults. Free app for your tablet or phone provides multiple learning schemes for everyone. You can choose from hundreds of sheet music to learn (some of them are free and for more songs you will have to pay) and break down each piece into left and right hand to practice, learn via games or by video lessons.


  • 128 built-in voices
  • 64 notes polyphony
  • MIDI output
  • Recording feature
  • Free learning app


  • Only 61 keys and they are non-weighted
  • Though there are lots of songs in the free app, some of them are for 88-key pianos
  • The wire from the AC adapter is very short

The One Light keyboard is good piano keyboard for learning, it can save you lots of money as it will act as a teacher for unlimited hours that you won’t pay for.

What about weighted keyboard under $300?

Weighted keyboard is the main thing that distinguishes digital piano from electronic keyboard. Unfortunately you won’t find any new pianos with weighted keys for the price below $300. Semi-weighted keyboard is the most you can count on. But there are cheap 88-key keyboards – such as Alesis Recital and Williams Legato Plus, they are most close to digital pianos in the list. Other keyboards under $300 have 76 keys or less, which is fewer then a real piano has. That’s ok if you are a beginner or just going to have fun playing the keyboard.

If you are ready to increase your budget a little, please see my article about the best digital piano under $500, where you will find digital pianos with fully weighted keys, which feel and sound more like a real piano.



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