Best Yamaha Digital Pianos

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With over 100 years in the piano making business, Yamaha knows what it takes to make the best piano. They also understand that different musicians require different pianos depending on their levels and hence provide wide range pianos to choose from. The best Yamaha digital pianos offer best sound and keyboard response. But there are many pianos by the maker; what are the best electronic pianos from Yamaha?

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Yamaha CP40Yamaha CP4088Weighted, GH128-16.3$$4.2
Yamaha CP4Yamaha CP488Weighted, NW-GH128-17.5$$4.3
Yamaha CP1Yamaha CP188Weighted, NW-STAGE128-27.2$$$4.35
Yamaha CP50Yamaha CP5088Weighted, GH128-20.9$$4.1
Yamaha CP300Yamaha CP30088Weighted, GH128+32.5$$$4.15
Yamaha P-115Yamaha P-115
88Weighted, GHS1922x7W11.8$4.6
Yamaha DGX-660Yamaha DGX-66088Weighted, GHS1922x6W21$4.6
Yamaha P-255Yamaha P-25588Weighted, GH2562x15W17.3$$4.1
Yamaha P-45Yamaha P4588Weighted, GHS642x6W11.5$4.6
Yamaha P-71Yamaha P7188Weighted, GHS642x6W11.5$4.6
Yamaha Arius YDP-V24088Weighted, GHS642x20W49$$$4.4
Yamaha Arius YDP-103Yamaha Arius YDP-10388Weighted, GHS642x6W37.5$$4.5
Yamaha Arius YDP143Yamaha Arius YDP-14388Weighted, GHS1922x6W38$$4.4
Yamaha Arius YDP-162Yamaha Arius YDP-16288Weighted, GH1282x20W42$$4.55


I once played the DGX-660 at a friend’s house and I loved it. It is the perfect piano to learn, play and share music. The piano sounds just like an acoustic piano thanks to the GHS weighted action. It comes with a Piano Room setting where one can personalize the kind of music they play by choosing different acoustic and piano settings. I particularly loved the fact that a microphone can be connected and recording is very easy with the inbuilt USB audio recorder. This piano brings fun into the learning process.


This is a compact and stylish piano ideal for beginners and professionals alike. It is fitted with Pure CF sound engine which sounds great. The weighted keys add feeling to the music while the speakers are loud enough. A unique feature is the on board drum rhythms and several voice sparkles. I particularly love the club that gives a crisp reverberation that is perfect for jazz performances. My students love Yamaha P115 because of the iOS app that allows easy control of the piano.


I actually own one and I love its sound. Though the price is high, this piano is a work of art and it is worth even more than the price tag. If you are an experienced pianist this is the right digital piano to get. You will love the weighted synthetic ivory keys, inbuilt recording studio, iOS app for more control and a myriad of other features. It is portable and you can customize the sound for different environments. When performing at jazz concerts, the sound boost makes the volume loud enough with no need for amplification. Since I bought the P225 a few months ago I have not used any other piano in my live performances. It is just perfect.


Yamaha P45 is a cheap alternative that I encourage my students to purchase. It is portable and has all the 88 keys of the piano. They keys are weighted so the right skill is obtained from the very beginning. With 10 digital sampling options users can experiment with different sounds as they learn. The sound quality this piano gives is good but if you a professional you will be better off with a more advanced piano.


This piano is just another name for P45, there are no functional differences between them.