Top digital piano brands

So you decided to learn playing piano. That’s cool! But how to choose the instrument? There are plenty of articles on the internet, and I will also tell you my experience and advice you some good options in my blog. As you know nowadays you don’t need to buy acoustic piano or grand piano, there are also plenty of brands developing great electronic instruments. And some of them sound so stunningly that one can hardly distinguish the acoustic version from electronic one. Let’s start with the list of digital piano and keyboards brands, and in future posts I will show you how to choose your best digital piano.

  • Roland

Roland is famous for its wide range of equipment including home keyboards, synthesizers, digital pianos, guitar products, also electronic percussion kits, also digital recording, amplifiers, audio processing devices, and the electronic musical instruments.

  • Yamaha

Since the creator Torakusu Yamaha manufactured Japan’s initial piano in the year 1900, Yamaha has produced a great line of acoustic and also digital pianos.

  • Alesis

Established in 1980 Alesis deliveres the most innovative professional audio gear for musicians, producers and other music-related people. Alesis digital pianos are one of the top in class.

  • Kurzweil

  • Kawai

Kawai is popular for their fantastic quality and also design with regards to the making of great musical instruments specifically digital grand pianos. For that reason, Kawai digital pianos became on the list of selected instruments of the majority of learners, educators, top-notch performing artists, and also piano fanatics around the world at present. Kawai digital grand pianos are created using the newest technologies and artistry. They are a well-liked selection not just for starters but to experts as well. Also, they are known for their musical performance that plays its part similar to a genuine concert grand whenever played. Digital grand pianos which are produced by Kawai use the most innovative sound and technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that it’s regarded as being among the popular digital grand piano brands currently.

  • Casio

Casio has ever been a preeminent brand in vocal instruments for many years. While once evaded with a bad reputation for the quality products, with the company’s reputation for producing many other electronics like calculators, watches, and also cameras, also Casio has today grown into a valued brand in the modern piano production.

This brand has comprised musical discovery, leading design and also class to give consumers with digital pianos on high demand.

Each model is inspired by the ability of diligent engineers striving to put the players’ experiences first. In the struggle to overcome early reputation, so Casio has designed quality digital pianos comprising the Privia and also Celviano ranges.

  • Kohler

Similar to Cameron & Sons, Kohler Digital Grand Pianos have the capacity to fit in most houses. It can be vast enough to produce high-quality sound despite its size. The type of sound these pianos make is wonderful that it may gain the desire of music artists. Kohler digital grand pianos incorporate a lovely and wonderful kind of sound which comes from its contemporary along with the outstanding sound engine. Kohler digital grand pianos are usually thought as among the most sophisticated pianos in the market right now. Mainly, Kohler digital brands can be purchased in some designs you’ll enjoy.

  • Korg

Korg is also recognized for producing stage pianos and also powerful, but fellow musicians make their digital pianos. This provides them a creative option than other brands which may produce pianos from a much technical standpoint.

The Korg brand is also famous amongst touring prominent musicians. This is partly because they are long lasting and also rugged and can withstand the shuffling which comes with that lifestyle.

Korg pianos are further reliable with a feature that rivals many other leading brands. They give a versatile choice to please all kinds of pianists.

When buying a piano, you can go as cheap or expensive if you want to. With these brands, you get what you pay for. Spend some time trying out different brands at your local shop, or read my reviews and see which one calls out to you. It’ll be a fun and educational experience.

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