Online Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

Before the end of the year, I plan to coach another 10 students. That will take my lifelong tally to two hundred. For a 35-year old, that’s not a bad record to hold. For those who don’t know, I have been taking advanced as well as beginner piano lesson for adults and kids for nearly a decade now. I know we have entered the new era of online piano lessons, but good jazz piano coaches are there to stay.

What do I think about Online Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults?

No, this isn’t an anti-online piano lessons post. Out of sheer curiosity, I have gone through quite a few online piano lessons for kids, online piano lessons for toddlers, Jazz piano lessons online, and learn piano book PDF materials, and I must admit that some of them had really good information in them. And, almost all of them were written in sanitized English to please the audience. So, they were quite easy to read and understand.

Did it Help Me Too?

Frankly speaking, an increasing number of students (young and old) take online education before entering my classroom, and I could tell that these self-coached students were a cut above the scope because of online education. Many of them were kind enough to share their online coaching materials with me. I did find some interesting discoveries in few of these guides, which helped me fine-tune my skills to a certain extent.

To Whom Would I Recommend Online Piano Courses?

  • To learn to play jazz piano online or anything related to piano, there is no age bar. So, both kids and adults who want to learn at their own pace and time can consider online piano lessons.
  • For all the late starters who are not comfortable meeting a live teacher to start off their musical journey can consider online piano education to begin their piano lessons.
  • For anyone who doesn’t like being rushed by someone else during coaching. Online piano education is also best for those who want to avoid embarrassing mistakes in front of other students.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to step out of the house to learn from scratch, practice, or maintain their level of expertise can consider learning piano book PDF. Instead of giving the piano away to a friend, one can start their piano education online.
  • Online courses are much cheaper than hiring a piano teacher like me. Of course, a teacher is always better than two books, but online piano lessons can teach you a lot as well, especially if you are new to piano education.
  • From what I have personally read, I must admit that quite a few online materials had many shortcuts and tips/tricks to slave the keyboard sound like a boss. So, it can be considered by an intermediate pianist as well.

How to Choose the Best Online Piano Course?

The answer is simple – read online piano lessons reviews and user testimonials. Usually if the course has already been online for some time, many people tried it and some of them certainly shared their opinion.







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