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Growing up, a lot was expected out of me. Fortunately, I came from a family with a musical background. So, my original plan in life was to be a famous rock star. Passion, vigor, creativity, boldness; I had it all. Come rain or shine; I wanted to be a celeb in the music world. However, life had planned other things for me. Today, I am 35-years old, and miles away from my original plan. Basically, I had my share of terrible fates in life. However, I am still quite popular in my locality. In fact, I am doing very well in life as a jazz musician and a piano teacher.  So, the plan ‘A’ failed, but the plan ‘B’ worked. Above all, I am a happy individual in life.

Given my lifelong connection with music, I must have tried just about every musical instrument out there. But here I am writing about pianos, and I am going to talk about keyboard stands today. As a professional, I have offered sound and solid advice about keyboard stands to my students and others. Today, I will explode past the boundaries of my regular job and share my knowledge with the tens and thousands of people reading this post.  For those who don’t know, a keyboard stand is a stable stand that can safely hold/support digital keyboards for home use or stage performance. I often say this to my students; a perfect keyboard stand can make your performance so much more enjoyable. And if you feel comfortable and enjoy your performance, then your audience surely will. So, let’s jump into some of the keyboard stands that I recommend to the masses to maximize their musical performance.

Top Keyboard Stands

1-tier Keyboard Stands

The 1-tier Keyboard Stands generally come in X-shape, and they are widely used by pianists. Given their affordable pricing, they are easily the top-pick for home use as well as outdoor venues. Some of the 1-tier stands are also engineered to include an option of attaching a 2nd tier. So, you can get more at the price of one. The best part is that you can always get one of these stands at a budget price. Believe it or not, you could find a good one for as low as 25 bucks. Even the high-end ones cost around 50 to 100 dollars. So, if you are looking for a 1-tier Keyboard Stand, here’s a collection that you need to see.

  • Single Keyboard X-style

We will begin with something that’s most beginner-friendly, lightweight, and affordable. Generally, I recommend these to all my students who have just embarked their journey in the music world.

  1. Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand
Yamaha PKBS1 Keyboard stand

The Yamaha PKBS1 is designed to provide a stable base to your keyboard.  For the low-price, it proves to be a relatively sturdy stand for lightweight keyboards. It’s also easy to put together, and it does wobble under the weight of the keyboard. It’s light as well, and it barely takes any space when folded up. I do inform my students in advance that this product does not come with a case, and it has limited height settings compared to the high-end keyboard stands. Therefore, it’s best suited for beginners and hobbyists who don’t own a heavy keyboard.

  1. On Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand

Onstage Classic Keyboard stand The On Stage Classic is an single X-style stand that can be adjusted to fit just about any keyboard out there. So, you won’t have to invest in another keyboard stand once you outgrow your instrument collection. Basically, the same stand can be used on multiple keyboards.  Furthermore, it features 1″ Square tubing for great strength and durability. Also, replacement parts are easily available for this keyboard stand. This stand has 5-position disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob. Onstage Classic Keyboard stand lockI like this type of lock because of quick and simple height adjustment, though it is stepwise adjustable and you won’t be able to setup height somewhere in the between it’s preinstalled steps. On the downside, it does wobble a tad bit. So, I do not encourage my students or anyone else to take this stand to their gigs. This keyboard stand is best for home purpose, where it can be kept in one safe position. On the whole, it’s portable, durable, easy to use, and of course, affordable.

  1. World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand

World tour single X keyboard standThis is another incredibly affordable keyboard stand that won’t ruin your bank account. With a heavy-duty steel frame and secure height adjustment locking system, it’s designed to accommodate a wide variety of keyboards. With the height adjustment range of 25.25″ to 38.75″ (stepwise adjustable), World Tour Single X keyboard stand can support sitting or standing performances too. Also, height adjustment on this stand is a breeze. Furthermore, it can be fully closed to facilitate easy storage. On the downside, it’s weight bearing capacity is capped at 130 pounds. So, it’s not suitable for supporting very heavy keyboards.

  • Single Keyboard Double X Stands

These stands are already quite popular with the masses because they have a reputation for being a sturdy stand. They can hold heavier keyboards than the single X-style on any given day. Therefore, I prefer these over single X-style models. As you might expect, they cost more than the single X stand keyboards. However, they offer more feature and functions for the increased cost. Let’s dive into the list of products in this class that can offer you the best bangs for your keyboard stand bucks.

  1. World Tour Double X Keyboard Stand
World tour double X keyboard standWorld tour double X keyboard stand lock

The World Tour Double X Keyboard Stand is a powerhouse of a stand. It has an incredible weight bearing capacity of 250 pounds, and it’s a good fit for most keyboards out there. The height adjustment system is top-class as well, and the locking system is damn secure. Furthermore, the keyboard stand has a good built quality to it, and it’s reasonably priced for what it is. Above all, it folds up well, so it can be easily stored or transported. Interestingly, the insanely large packaging of this product often ends up being a topic of conversation whenever someone gets this stand based on my personal recommendation. The stand is larger than expected in person. On the whole, it’s a functional over flashy stand that works perfectly well.

  1. RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Double-X Keyboard Stand
Rockjam Xfinity Double X keyboard stand    Rockjam Xfinity Double X keyboard stand lock

This is one of my favorite Double-X keyboard stand for its price point. For a double-X stand, it’s actually a very economical choice. I like the fact that it’s very adjustable, and it comes pre-assembled. It’s well-made too, and it has locking straps to keep the keyboard in place. Once done with the performance, RockJam Xfinity double-X stand can be easily packed away to clear the real estate space. But, here’s the thing that might dissuade you from getting this affordable Double-X stand. It can support weight only up to 45 pounds. So, if you have a heavier keyboard, considering this product should be out of the question for you.

  1. Yamaha YKA7500 Professional Double X Style Keyboard Stand

Compared to the above two, this one costs more. But Yamaha YKA7500 stand does have the stability, power, durability, brand backing, and popularity to support its high-price. It can securely hold just about any full-size keyboard at home or stage without the fear of moving, slipping, or falling. It’s a tad bit heavy, but the extra weight ensures that it won’t wobble. Also, the stand folds up flat. Above all, bare minimum assembly is required to be in action with this product, and it has plenty of adjustments to raise or lower the stand. I have used this keyboard stand for lots of my gigs.

  • Table-Style Stands

As the title says, table-style stands look similar to a 4-legs table. I like these types of stands because they are sturdy and there is no cross-support to bang your knees into, this is comfortable especially for tall musicians like me.

  1. Ultimate Support JS-MPS1 JamStands Series Multi-Purpose Keyboard/Mixer Stand
JS-MPS1 Jamstand Multi-purpose keyboard/mixer stand  JS-MPS1 Jamstand Multi-purpose keyboard/mixer stand

As the title hints, this is a multi-purpose keyboard stand with adjustable height and width. JS-MPS1 stand is designed to be a very stable platform stand for keyboards, mixers, DJ coffins, and much more stuff.  I often recommend this product to my students who need a rock-solid stand on a budget.  Believe it or not, I can comfortably sit on this stand, and I am a 200+ guy. This should tell you how strong the stand really is. Also, the stand folds up nicely into a small package. You can easily stuff it in your keyboard bag and carry it to your venue. Even though there are no set up instructions, I had no problem setting it up, so I don’t mind recommending this product.

  1. Neewer Collapsible Piano Keyboard Stand
Neewer table-style keyboard/mixer stand Neewer table-style keyboard/mixer stand

This is another killer table-style stand that is different from the crowd. This Neewer table-style piano keyboard stand has a steel construction to it along with support bars and hinges for extra stability. So, you will have no problems with stability even if you were to test the stand against a fairly heavy keyboard. The height adjustment process is also very easy. Moreover, there is no cross support to crash your knees into. Furthermore, it closes all the way for easy storage and transportation. For those who don’t know, the stand comes fully assembled. On the downside, it’s not the most stable platform on a carpet.

  1. K&M Stands 18810.015.55 Table-style Keyboard Stand
     K&M Stands table-style Omega digital piano stand

This keyboard stand features steel construction, spring-loaded height adjustment mechanism, and support arms to make it a one-size fits all keyboard stand. This K&M Table-style stand’s unique design also allows for future growth. An extra attachment can be included to accommodate a second keyboard, iPod, or a laptop. That being said, this stand may not suit all wallets because it’s quite pricey. However, it’s worth the asking price because one can fully depend on it for the planned use. Personally, I haven’t traveled with it too much. But, it can be used by home users as well as gig-performing musicians. It is one of the most sturdy stands I’ve tried, even with the attached 2-nd tier. Try it, and perhaps you will never return to X-style keyboard stands again.

  • Single Keyboard Z-Style Stands

For guys who need something modern, stylish, reasonably affordable, and sturdy, I recommend these single keyboard Z-style stand. They not only look great, but they also serve the intended purpose of purchase very well. Therefore, they have become an instant hit among musicians. Let’s explore the top-products in the single keyboard Z-style class.

  1. Stellar Labs 555-13830 Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand
Stellar Labs Z-style keyboard stand

Believe it or not, I am yet to come across a keyboard stand that has received as many glowing reviews as this product. I often tell this to my students; Stellar Labs Z-style keyboard stand is a no-brainer choice. With adjustable height and width, it’s engineered to fit most 88-key keyboards. Its simplistic design is made to hold the keyboards stable without any fuss. Better yet, the top arms are fitted with rubber grips to prevent the keyboard from sliding or moving. Also, one should have zero problems putting this thing together.  I have owned this piece in 2014, and it’s still serving me well. If I were to make a wild guess, the usual market price for this unit should be at least double the current asking price. In my professional opinion, its class, caliber, and quality are simply unmatched.

  1. Knox Gear Z Style Adjustable Heavy Duty Piano Keyboard Stand

Knox Gear z-style keyboard standThe Knox Gear Z Style Keyboard Stand offers one the flexibility and stability to use just about any keyboard out there on the market today. The height can be adjusted to a good 23-35 inches, and the width can be adjusted from 24-41 inches. This stand lives up to the sturdiness advertised by the makers. It does not shake, move, wobble, or squeak. It’s more studier than the “X” stands. Another likable thing about this stand is that it offers plenty of room for the performer’s legs underneath. It also has a professional look to it, so I like carrying this foldable keyboard stand to my gigs. Overall, it’s a great stand by Knox Gear.

  1. On Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand
On Stage ks7350 keyboard stand

This keyboard stand is every bit as versatile and functional as it is visually appealing. On Stage KS7350 features a distinctive X stand design to offer solid keyboard support like nothing else out there. Unlike the competition, it has a center box beam for added stability. I found it to be one of the safest homes on stage for my 180+lbs keyboard on top. It’s extremely solid and has plenty of leg space too. With several height adjustment options, you can set it up for sitting or standing performance.  Better yet, it can be folded rather quickly and easily into a surprisingly compact unit.  The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with any instruction sheet whatsoever.

  1. Neewer® Heavy Duty Z-Style Keyboard Piano Stand

Neewer Z-style keyboard stand    Neewer Z-style stand disassambled

You can play confidently at home or stage knowing that your keyboard will be held securely by the Neewer® Heavy Duty Z-Style Keyboard Piano Stand. It has a large enough height and width adjustment options to accommodate keyboards from the majority of the manufacturers out there. Even a beginner should be able to put together this stand in less than five minutes. People like me have bought this product and are deliriously happy with its performance. When I ordered it, I arrived days later than the promised day. But, I can’t put this blame on the makers. It was worth the wait anyways. If you are looking for a high-quality stand, you will have no regrets getting this one.

2-tier Keyboard Stands

The 2-tier keyboard stands bring a new level of stability and innovation on the table. The design by itself offers a robust range of height settings for both sitting and standing comfort.  Compared to other styles, one can expect more peace of mind and time-saving onstage luxuries because most of them can support more than one instrument. Depending on the chosen product, a 2-tier keyboard stand can easily bear hundreds of pounds of weight. They are also a nice cure for the boring keyboard stands out there on the market. They are perfect for both home use and musical gigs.

  • Two Keyboard X-style

  1. PARTYSAVING Pro Series Portable 2 Tier Doubled Keyboard Stand

Partysaving PRO Series 2-tier keyboard stand    Partysaving PRO Series 2-tier keyboard stand lock

This product meets the needs of demanding musicians by providing a stable platform for two full-size keyboards. Made from durable iron, the Partysaving 2-tier doubled keyboard stand can be switched from 2-tier stand to a single tier at a moment’s notice. It has solid feet and attachment arms to hold the keyboards well. The frame allows height adjustment from 29” – 40.75 without 2-tier attachment, and 36″ – 48.5″ with the second tier. It’s great for home use as well as events. As long as you don’t go beyond the maximum weight capacity of 135lbs, the product will serve you well for many years to come. Also, it’s worth mentioning over here is that the width of the second tier cannot be adjusted.

  1. Quik Lok T-22 Keyboard Stand
Quik Lok T22 2-tier keyboard stand

You can expect more value from this keyboard stand than the regular “X” style stands. For instance, the height of this stand can be adjusted up to 9 usable levels. The rotating feet and the rest pads can support the keyboards even on an uneven surface to accommodate 2 keyboards. For a keyboard stand, Quik Lok T-22 has a solid construction to it. Given the quality, one can expect several years of service from this product. Also, it folds up almost flat. It’s perfect for home use. I don’t usually carry it for gigs because I generally travel with heavy keyboards for my events. In my opinion, this stand is best suited for lighter keyboards.  Given the fact that it’s a budget item from a reputable brand, it’s well worth the money on any given day.

  • Two Keyboard Column Style

  1. Tower Series 46 Double-Tier Keyboard Stand (TOWER 1300-02)
Tower Series 46 2-tier 1300-02-slv keyboard stand

Tower Series 46 2-tier 1300-02-slv keyboard stand bagThis isn’t your everyday keyboard stand. The Tower Series 46 double-tier stand is a heavy duty, yet lightweight stand that can hold up to 264 pounds of keyboard weight. It’s highly adjustable, and it has a modern look and shape to it. Also, it can be assembled or disassembled within minutes. A free carry bag is thrown in as well for touring with this keyboard stand. I have carried it on the road quite a few times. The only problem with this product is that it’s not the most comfortable stand out there to accommodate full-size pianos. Of course, the high price may also dissuade potential buyers from considering it. But, that’s what you have to pay for a premium stand. It is available in different colors: red, silver, blue, black and white.

  1. K&M Stands 18860.000.35 Keyboard stand Spider Pro

K&M Stands spider pro stand 18860.000.35 K&M Stands spider pro stand 18860.000.35

Available in black anodized finish, this is an extremely versatile keyboard stand with infinite height adjustment options and solid aluminium construction to it. As you can expect, the aluminium built keeps the product light, so it’s easy to carry on your musical gigs. Moreover, the K&M Spider Pro stand is fitted with extra support arms to accommodate a third keyboard. Better yet, it offers enough leg room for a comfortable seated performance.  Also it has a connector for microphone boom – useful for singing pianists. Above all, the stand can be collapsed easily for effortless transportation. Remember, this is a top-shelf product so be prepared to shave off top-dollars for this keyboard stand.

  • Two Keyboard Z-Style

  1. On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z 2-tier Keyboard Stand

On stage 2tier z-style standOn stage 2tier heavy duty z-style stand

If you are looking for a professional 2-tier heavy-duty stand for your stage shows, you better get this one. The On Stage KS7365EJ can hold two keyboards and yet fold up flat for effective storage when not in use. It’s versatile, affordable, and durable too. With line-it-up adjustment marks, raising and lowering the stand proves to a fast and secure process. At maximum width, it can support 88-keys. I have gone on stage many times with this stand, and it has never ceased to impress me. This stand can really take a lot of beating and still help you get stage-ready within minutes. When I used it enough, I converted it into a computer desk. So, this stand can be put to multiple uses. It’s well worth every penny for the versatility, durability, and stability it offers.

  1. Quik Lok Z-726L Keyboard Stand
Quik Lok Z-726L keyboard stand

Quik Lok Z-726L is a very fine piece of equipment that can impress most of us. It has the good looks to go with it. Also, it’s solid. So, it won’t budge or move when you are playing music with your keyboard on it. Compared to the competition, it offers a lot of convenience factor. Therefore, I use the Z-726L Keyboard Stand in my studio. You can tilt the unit to your desired level with great ease. Remember, the second tier is also adjustable, so you will be able to position your second keyboard wherever you want. So, it’s highly adjustable, solid, and you can easily bring it to your gigs. It’s also very easy to assemble, and it can hold keyboards very securely.

3-Tier Keyboard Stands

If you want to be equipped to play better, then the 3-tier keyboard stand should fit the bill better than most. It stands out in terms of size, price, and overall capability. Its build process allows one to hold three keyboards at the same time. Therefore, it’s perfectly suited for busy musicians. Of course, you would need a sturdy keyboard stand to hold all three keyboards. A good one can easily hold a computer or a television set. Now, that doesn’t mean a 3-tier keyboard sand is not portable. The majority of them can be folded and carried easily on the go. The ones that I usually recommend without missing a heartbeat is the Quik Lok QL-723 Pro Series Heavy Duty Keyboard “X” Stand and On Stage KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand. Both these products have been tried and tested for their stability, efficiency, and durability by me and my students.

Keyboard Stand and Bench Set

The combined power of a stand and bench can save you a great deal of money. In my opinion, the keyboard stand and bench set is a well-conceived idea that is gaining widespread popularity with every passing day. It’s the right solution for comfort and support so that you can give your best while at home or a musical venue.  It’s also an ideal solution for a venue where a host of performers are participating. So, it’s a perfect choice for those who need something different but don’t want to cast a blind eye to their wallet. Among the bunch, I found these two products to be of the highest quality in its class: The World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand Deluxe Bench Package and the Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench Bundle with Adjustable Stand.

Keyboard Stand Buying Guide

Types of Stands

There are different types of keyboard stands available in the market today —X-Style, Z-Style, Table-Style, Column-Style. The choice among them will really depend on your needs and budget. For instance, the X-styles are generally cheaper but less stable. So, it’s perfectly suited for individuals who own light-weight keyboards and don’t want to spend a ton on a musical accessory.  The table style is more suited for individuals who prefer playing their instrument in a sitting position. The Z-Style is sturdier than X-style, and most of them can be raised or lowered for sitting and standing positions. The column-styles are more expensive, but they also offer the convenience of leg room along with the other standard features. Also, they carry the best-looking design from the rest.

X-style Vs.Double X-style

Double X-style stands carry double the number of columns than the X-style model. Hence, the name Double X. Given the fact that they carry more columns, they can withstand more weight than X-style stands. So, you can expect more stability with the Double X models. But the extra strength and stability will involve some extra cost in most cases. To conclude, the X-style is more suited for small and light keyboards. On the other hand, Double X-style can be considered for heavier keyboards.

Special Branded Furniture-Style Stands

Beyond the regular models, there is also special branded furniture keyboard stands on the market today. These are generally designed keeping piano players in mind. So, piano players are not limited to choices. The Casio CS-67 and the Yamaha L85 are some prime examples of high-class special branded keyboard stands that really stand out in their class. Of course, such keyboard stands won’t come on a shoestring budget, and they are not as commonly available as other styles.

Single/Double/Triple-Tier Stands

As the name suggests, a single tier stand can hold one keyboard, a double model can hold two keyboards, and a triple-tier stand can hold up to three keyboards. Since a triple-tier is designed to accommodate three keyboards, it needs a sturdy construction. Generally, three-tier ones can hold a lot of poundage. In general, single-tier ones are most affordable, and a high-end triple-tier would cost the most. All of them are sold in a variety of styles these days at different price points, and they are designed for effortless assembly and height adjustments. Also, they can be folded and carried on the road. Personally speaking, I would choose something that best fits my needs. Of course, it helps to go for products that are recommended by someone who knows the playing field very well. I have already played out my cards. Hopefully, you must have checked the individual product reviews of the products that are the best choice in individual categories according to my professional opinion.

Things to Consider:

  • Size: Over here, you will not only have to consider your size, but also the size of your keyboards. The height adjustment should be apt when you are giving a standing or a sitting performance. So, make sure that the width of the stand can be adjusted based on your personal preference.
  • Parts: Some stands have parts that can bang on your knees, and some do not have sufficient leg room. All of this can affect your performance on the payday. So, it helps to bear these things in mind as well while shopping for a keyboard stand.
  • Weight: You don’t want to carry a baby elephant with you on the road. The chosen keyboard stand should be lightweight so that you don’t feel like leaving it behind before an event. Not to forget the fact that a heavy keyboard stand can be difficult not only to carry but also to assemble. Besides, you are carrying keyboard stand together with your piano, remember? So if they both weight a lot, you will have to practice in the gym before your performance. So, choose a stand that’s more lightweight and portable.
  • Is it Modular: The question to ask over here is: Does the stand allow room for expansion? Some models out there allow one to add an extension to accommodate more keyboards down the road. So, if you have plans for growth, go ahead with a modular stand to get the best of your keyboard stand bucks.
  • Stability: Irrespective of the style/model chosen by you, it should have the strength to withstand the advertised weight. The heavier your instruments are, the stronger should be the stand. It will be a mockery on the stage if the product fails you at the eleventh hour. So, check for reviews about the product’s stability to make sure that you have a stable performer.
  • Weight Capacity: Don’t take the risk of seeing your favorite instrument drop on the floor.  To avoid any kind of casualty, check the product description to see its weight bearing capacity. If your keyboard weighs 100 pounds, don’t get a stand that has the maximum weight bearing capacity of 100 pounds. Shoot for a higher number because the stand should be able to hold up to the combined weight of the instrument and you playing on it. Also, don’t forget the fact that lighter keyboards are generally placed on higher tiers.
  • Price: Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “High price equals quality stuff.” The goal is to get good value for your money. Therefore, it pays to consider tried and tested products in your price bracket, which has been well received by the masses.


Think about how important your keyboard is to you because that’s what is riding on the keyboard stand. To carry such an immense responsibility, you can’t trust any street product. You would ideally need a product that has been road-tested by the masses. That’s why I have been glad to help. Hopefully, my list of recommended products will help you cut the chase and jump right into products that are a cut above the scope.

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  1. Thank you very much. Thanks to your article, I went for this one:
    Stellar Labs 555-13830 Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand

  2. Hi! do you have any recommendations for a stand that can lower to a minimum of 25″ that has some kind of thumbs or something to keep the keyboard from pushing off the front or back? My Roland FP30X is 11 3/16″ deep and is too narrow for many of the generic X stands; it also does not have screw holes to screw the keyboard to the stand. I am trying to teach my young children to play the piano and want the keyboard to be stable enough that they won’t accidentally push it off the stand.

    1. Hi, I don’t think there are narrow stands that will match exactly your requirements. But you may have a look at this K&M Omega Table-style stand: https://pickmypiano.com/electronic-keyboard-stands/#KM_Stands_1881001555_Table-style_Keyboard_Stand
      (See it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/33l6eSo)
      It is among my favorites.
      The top two keyboard bars depth is about 13 1/2″ – this is a little more then your FP30X depth, but you I believe you won’t find less. The minimum height is about 23 1/2″ and can be adjusted with 3/4″ increments – this is what you need.
      The stand is rather expensive but you will like the quality.

  3. Hi! My daughter was given a second-hand vintage Korg Trinity Pro keyboard. I would like to get her a stand for it as a Christmas gift, but have absolutely no idea where to start and don’t want to spend a lot. A inexpensive stand/bench combo that would be sturdy enough to support the weight would be ideal. Thanks for any help you can provide!

    1. Hi Jeanine,
      Since Korg Trinity Pro is a heavy keyboard you shouldn’t buy single-X-style stand, it will be unstable. I would go with 1-tier double-X or Z-style stand.

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