What is the ideal age to start learning piano?

Many parents want their children to play music. Even if the child does not look like a young genius, then music lessons will anyway benefit him. They will help improve the level of education, broaden the purview, and train the will, because they will have to practice on the instrument regularly and practically without interruption….

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Polyphony on digital pianos – how much is enough?

Polyphony on digital pianos is the maximum number of notes that a keybord can sound simultaneously. It can be 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 notes. But how much is enough? This is a good question to ask when considering purchasing a digital piano. It doesn’t make a difference how good your digital piano sounds…

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Top digital piano brands

So you decided to learn playing piano. That’s cool! But how to choose the instrument? There are plenty of articles on the internet, and I will also tell you my experience and advice you some good options in my blog. As you know nowadays you don’t need to buy acoustic piano or grand piano, there…

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