Yamaha P115 Review

Yamaha P115 white
Yamaha P115 white

Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano is a great piano for a person looking for a good sound coupled with a professional feel. I like this Piano because it is a full sized piano which makes it easy for me to play all types of music. The first time I played P115, I observed that it has a higher polyphony (192 notes!) compared to other digital pianos. This makes it easy for me to combine many notes and keys while playing. This great CF sound engine produces a sound that is similar to the Yamaha 9 CFIIIS grand piano.

Another reason why I like this piano is that it has a dual mode feature which allows me to play two instruments at once, a split feature – to split keyboard into parts playing different instruments, and a “mirror” mode – splits keyboard into identical two parts with the same instrument – it helps me when playing with a student who needs to play along.

Controller App

In addition to this, the piano has a controller app that is compatible with ios devices (using “Digital piano controller” app you can manage different functions of your P115 using your iPhone or iPad).

The piano has line-level auxiliary outputs which allows me to play into mixer with other instruments in the band. It also comes with a USB port with which I pair with software on my computer in order to make recordings. Moreover, the digital piano comes with a wide variety of in-built songs.

Yamaha P115 back panel

There are several other reasons why I love the Yamaha P115. One of them is that the piano produces a beautiful sound and has four levels of touch sensitivity. This allows a pianist to enjoy a dynamic and expressive playing. Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key keyboard action means that keys are lighter on the top and heavier in the low end – just as on a real piano.

Pianist style auto accompaniment is also a nice feature – when playing chords the keyboard acts as an accompanist playing a specified pattern thereby leaving my hands free to create more melodies.

On Amazon you can buy this digital piano with some extras, such as Yamaha L85 keyboard sturdy stand and a pedal unit.

The construction of the piano is aesthetic, which adds more beauty to the home. This digital piano is suitable for multiple scenarios. I love the fact that I can connect my headphone to it. This ensures that I can practice at anytime of the day without disturbing my neighbors. Moreover, when playing the piano, I have the discretion to switch between the four levels of touch sensitivity depending on whichever suits me. To cap it all, the digital piano has a sound boost feature which ensures that the sound produced by the piano stands out among other musical instruments.

Other P115 features:

  • 14 voices (pianos, e-pianos, rock organ)
  • 14 dynamic rhythms, 10 piano accompany styles
  • keyboard split, sound combine
  • split into two identical zones – ideal for playing along with a student
  • built-in 2-track recorder
  • usb2host
  • stereo monitors

By all standards, the Yamaha P115 is one of the best digital pianos for a professional pianist at a reasonable price.

Check out and buy black or white version of P115 on Amazon.

You can also see P-115 official overview on youtube:


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  1. A realistic sound that looks more like a grand piano than a nearby standing bright piano. The keyboard is like a real piano.
    The included pedal is no good. I also purchased L85 stand with a pedal unit. It works ok, but the triple pedal unit is made of plastic and one of the pedals creaks.

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